Alignvest Student Housing Real-Estate Investment Trust (“ASH”) is focused on consolidating the fragmented and emerging Canadian Purpose Built Student Accommodation (“PBSA”) sector.

The PBSA sector is a $200 billion real estate investment segment around the world and ASH believes the Canadian market presents one of the most attractive new market opportunities for investment. Canadian post-secondary student population growth is greater than many of its global peers driven by its recession resistant domestic and international student demand growth. The limited funding to Canadian universities is decreasing their ability to provide additional beds to service the increase in demand which has created a unique market opportunity to acquire, build and operate high-quality, institutional grade PBSA across the country.

ASH intends to offer institutional and high-net worth investors the opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of PBSA across the country and participate in the profits derived from them. ASH expects to generate attractive returns to Unitholders through both current income and long-term value appreciation.