Alignvest Student Housing REIT’s objective is to (i) provide holders of REIT Units with stable and growing cash distributions, payable quarterly and, to the extent reasonably possible, tax deferred, from investments in a diversified portfolio of PBSA located in Canada; and, (ii) maximize REIT unit Value through the ongoing management of its properties and through the future acquisition of additional PBSA.


Alignvest Student Housing REIT will seek to generate attractive returns to Subscribers in what the Trustees and management of the General Partner believe is a low-risk student housing sector by focusing on

  1. indirectly acquiring high-quality, newly-built, operating assets in attractive student housing markets
  2. taking advantage of its early-mover position to consolidate the industry at attractive purchase prices
  3. improving the underlying operations of purchased assets
  4. maximizing economies of scale and creating operating savings by integrating the operations of multiple assets
  5. consolidation of all property management in house with CSL to enhance long-term margins, control and value realization for Unitholders.

The REIT expects to generate returns to Unitholders through both current income and long-term appreciation of its assets. The REIT is targeting an annual distribution to Unitholders of approximately $6 per REIT Unit for the first twelve month period following the Initial Closing Date and a 15% aggregate annual return inclusive of an anticipated increase in the value of the REIT’s PBSA.